Two in one: ageing and MS

Sharing my perspective in this article published in the Winter edition of intouch, the magazine of the MS Society.

Two in one: ageing and MS »

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8 Responses

  1. I’m grateful for the light you shine Ruth on both MS and ageing – on the difficulties that can be /are debilitating and also that sense of hope you cultivate and offer. Many thanks!

  2. Thank you Kathryn – the ageing aspect of my memoir only became clear to me when one of my reviewers, Dr Therese Burke from MS Australia, highlighted it. Hence the article …

  3. Thank you, Ruth. Once again you inspire me with the pragmatic way you cover these real physical challenges.Cracking hardy?

    1. Ah, maybe. The thought of losing my memory is terrifying – remembering the season is the least of my worries! I have ‘holes’ in my brain’s retrieval system – names, places, movies, books, writers. My sense is the number of holes is increasing. I guess Google enables me to make a quick on-the-spot recovery, but not long term.

  4. Hi Ruth,
    Thankyou for sending this post. I know there are a few years between us, but I guess it’s something in my future. But in the meantime I will continue studying for my Theological Degree, until someone asks me what season it is! Janx

  5. Well said Ruth. It makes me realise that even with any improvements with health issues, they will be offset by the age decline

    1. Well a bit of the same, some different. It is complicated. People like us with chronic conditions are trying to hold more things at bay than average, as we age.

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